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About varinode

Made for content publishers seeking to increase user retention and conversions, the varinode API enables shopping from multiple retailers with one unified checkout solution.

How does it work?

Shopping experience now

  • - High chance of user drop off
  • - Numerous steps to shop
  • - Loss in potential revenue

Shopping experience with varinode

  • + Simplifies shopping process
  • + Increase user retention
  • + Increase transaction volume
The varinode API retrieves items from your desired retailers, and consolidates multiple shopping carts into a single onsite checkout solution.

varinode's story

varinode works with data in a PCI-compliant environment and allows your users to input shipping & billing information one time, to buy from multiple retailers.


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Set up with no commitments. Pay only when the varinode API has proven a significant increase in user retention and transaction volume.

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Our Testimonials

  • Varinode has basically made it possible for us to launch our business. They enabled us to sell all the premium brands our customers are looking for in a seamless way without carrying inventory!

    Estella Benz - CEO, RUE CINQ
  • Having a unified, in-app shopping cart is critical to improving our user experience and conversion rates. It's on the top of our priority list. Partnering with varinode is getting us a massive step closer to achieving our goals.

    Asmau Ahmed - CEO, PlumPerfect
  • varinode is one of those brilliant ‘a-ha’ ideas where you wish it was available yesterday.

    Strategy Team, PayEVER
  • I love the versatility and potential of the varinode technology. There are so many businesses that can benefit from this.

    Managing Partner, Plug & Play Ventures

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